What Did Texans Think of Last Night’s Debate?

KUT’s managing editor tells us what twittering Texans said on the #TXDecides thread last night and what listener questions will be part of an election-themed series of stories on KUT in October.

By Laura RiceSeptember 27, 2016 11:26 am,

Matt Largey, KUT’s managing editor, watched the debate along with public radio listeners last night at the LBJ Presidential Library, . Like many of us, he was also following social media throughout the event, trying to gauge how Texans were responding to the candidates.

During the debate – the most tweeted debate ever, according to Twitter – Largey kept track of #TXDecides to see what Texans were saying.

Largey says he saw a lot of #TXDecides comments on Twitter supporting Hillary Clinton last night and got a sense of people’s real-time reactions from the crowd at the LBJ Library.

“The crowd there seemed to be a pretty pro-Hillary crowd,” he says, “a lot of cheering when she’d get in one of these zingers.”

A lot of people wondered why immigration wasn’t addressed in the debate, but Largey says the candidates will probably address it in future debates.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– What questions the #TXDecides project has been collecting

– How those questions will turn into a five-part series next month

– Which ones they chose, including ones dealing with gerrymandering, why Texas is red, and third-party candidates