Why is TV so obsessed with tech stories right now?

“I think it ties in to just our general disillusionment about tech companies,” tech expert Omar Gallaga says.

By Kristen CabreraMarch 24, 2022 11:43 am, , ,

There are at least three new shows exploring the startup tech world. Showtime’s “Super Pumped” tracks the battle for Uber, Hulu’s “The Dropout” is about the convicted Theranos founder, and “WeCrashed” on Apple TV+ focuses on the tumultuous couple who headed WeWork.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga talked with Texas Standard about what seems to be emerging as almost its own mini genre.

Highlights from this segment:

– Gallaga believes this trend of tech-focused stories may replace our fascination with other true-crime stories.

– Gallaga says some of the interest from the public comes from a place of recognition of the invasive role technology has come to play in many aspects of life.

– The story of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is also being explored by director Adam McKay in a feature set to star Jennifer Lawrence.

– If you like these types of stories, Gallaga recommends searching out “Halt and Catch Fire.”

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