Will Perry Take on Cruz for his Senate Seat?

This week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune.

By Rhonda FanningAugust 19, 2016 12:05 pm

Time for the week that was in Texas politics with Emily Ramshaw, editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune.

The Texas Tribune announced their line-up for this year’s TribFest, replete with star-power – among them will be Sen. Ted Cruz and Phil Collins, a huge Alamo enthusiast.

“He’s a total nut for it,” he says. “He’ll be in conversation with George P. Bush, the land commissioner.”

Former governor Rick Perry was back in the headlines, making the case for Trump. He defended Trump’s comments about the Khan family and he’s been named a member of his agriculture advisory team.

In term of Texas office, polling has showed the only person who could beat Ted Cruz in a Senate race is Perry himself. But would he go for it? “I’m going to lay down my money down and say, Absolutely not,” Ramshaw says. “I think Perry is really angling for some kind of Washington move.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– Who else will be at TribFest this September

– How Perry defended Trump on CNN

– Whether Michael McCaul might make moves to run for Cruz’s Senate seat