A Boerne Walmart Manager Retires Well-Heeled And Fully Mustachioed

His boss told him he’d never be a manager if he had a mustache. But the employee had the last laugh.

By Joy DiazSeptember 18, 2018 11:24 am,

Joel Muñoz lives in Boerne, and says his first “real” job was at a Walmart. What he remembers most from back then was that his boss – a man of somewhat smaller stature – had a huge mustache.

“It covered his entire mouth,” Muñoz says.

Muñoz says his boss retired a wealthy man at age 40 because he had purchased Walmart stock from his first days with the company, at age 16. At his boss’ retirement dinner, Muñoz finally decided to ask him about the mustache.

“What is with the mustache?” Muñoz asked him.

His boss told him that when he first started at Walmart, his manager had told him that if he ever wanted to be a manager, he couldn’t have a mustache.

“And today, I’m retiring … with a mustache,” his boss said.

From then on, Muñoz’ boss cemented his role as a living legend – at least in Muñoz’ eyes.

“You are my role model,” Muñoz replied, laughing.

Written by Caroline Covington.