Are E-Scooters Key For Better Bike Lanes In San Antonio?

Despite antagonism between cyclists and scooter riders, the popularity of scooters could encourage the city to build more bike lanes.

By Paul Flahive September 18, 2018 7:39 am, , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

Abel Gonzales is on one of his many weekly bike rides downtown. He pulls onto Alamo Plaza Road when he spots two 20-something men riding the popular electronic scooters.

“We should follow him,” he says and then pedals off.

As the two men, who are riding in the street, approach the intersection with Houston Street, they shoot across two lanes of traffic onto the sidewalk and back onto the street.

“That’s a classic move,” says Gonzales, who works for San Antonio bike-share company Swell Cycle. “So they’ll go from the street to the sidewalk, to the street,” all to avoid the red light.

Gonzales said it’s fair to say many cyclists don’t like scooters that much.

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