Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce highlights queer musicians with Pride in Local Music festival

For the chamber’s president and CEO, “music is a business and not a side hustle.”

By Patrick M. DavisJune 22, 2023 1:03 pm, ,

Tina Cannon wears many hats as the president and CEO of the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

A typical day could include everything from emptying the trash to organizing fundraising events. No matter what the task may be, Cannon’s work is always aimed at promoting local LGBT businesses. Or, as she calls them, “mom and mom and pop and pop shops.”

Tina Cannon is president and CEO of the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

“Everything that we do is around trying to elevate their experience and leading them to prosperity, whatever their definition of prosperity may be,” Cannon said.

In 2020, Cannon added another role to her job description: music festival organizer. She created Pride in Local Music as a way to help local queer musicians who were out of work due to pandemic shutdowns.

“During COVID, musicians didn’t have the same level of privilege that some of us did to be able to work from home. So we tried to figure out a way that we could elevate who they are and create a space for them to continue to do what they love to do,” Cannon said.

Given Austin’s reputation as a music hub, Cannon sees the festival as a vital part of the chamber’s mission.

“Our role is to elevate the economic vitality of our area. And our area really consists of musicians and artisans,” Cannon said.

Courtesy of the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Due to pandemic restrictions, Pride in Local Music started as an online event. In 2020 and 2021, the chamber partnered with iconic Austin venues like Antone’s and The Continental Club to produce the streaming music festival. For some of the artists involved, it was their first time performing on these legendary stages.

Pride in Local Music has grown from its online origin to a full-fledged block party. The 2023 edition features a main stage on Fourth Street and smaller stages at The Courtyard and Estelle’s. Latin Grammy Award nominee Gina Chavez headlines the festival. Concert-goers can also catch sets by Primo the Alien, promqueen, Butch County and more.

The fourth annual Pride in Local Music festival takes place June 24 from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. For more information, visit

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