Redditors continue to spar with the company over app fees

Subreddit moderators have and hackers could put a large dent the platform’s planned public stock offering.

By Shelly BrisbinJune 22, 2023 2:26 pm,

Reddit continues to face backlash from users and moderators over its decision to begin charging app developers who connect to the site. The controversy began when makers of apps used to connect to Reddit said the fees were too high, and moderators of some of Reddit’s largest communities called a strike of sorts – shutting down large areas of the site, or subreddits, for 48 hours.

Now the site is contending with more moderator rebellion, hacking attempts, and an influx of pornography. But tech expert Omar Gallaga says Reddit’s CEO hasn’t backed down from the new fees for third-party apps.

Highlights from this segment: 

– Reddit users and moderators say third-party Reddit apps are easier to use than the website, and developers of those apps say they can’t continue making them if Reddit charges them at the currently planned rates.

Hackers say they’ve stolen over 80 GB of Reddit data and will release it in exchange for ransom, as well as the rollback of the planned fees.

– Reddit moderators continue to protest by converting their communities into “not safe for work” spaces. Those subreddits aren’t advertised on the site, preventing new users from finding them.

– The conflict between Redditors and management is likely to hurt the company as it prepares to go public later this year.

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