Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial will begin Sept. 5, with his attendance required

Senators, who will sit as a court of impeachment for the suspended attorney general, spent two days drafting rules that were adopted late Wednesday.

By James Barragán & Patrick Svitek, The Texas TribuneJune 22, 2023 8:24 am,

From The Texas Tribune:

– Before the trial, Paxton’s lawyers can challenge any or all of the articles of impeachment, which can be dismissed with a majority vote by senators.

– Senators will deliberate behind closed doors, and their votes on the articles of impeachment will be made “without debate or comment.”

– After final judgment, senators may submit a written statement within 72 hours of their vote to the chamber’s clerk, which would become “a part of the official record and entered into the journal.”

– The use of cellphones on the Senate floor by members of the court and their staff, as well as both legal teams while the impeachment trial is proceeding, is banned unless the phones are necessary for hearing assistance or for reviewing documents.

– The public and the press can attend and view the impeachment trial from the Senate gallery.

Rule-making process began in secret

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