Colin Allred raises big bucks in Senate campaign against Ted Cruz

“It’s a pretty impressive clip.”

By Alexandra Hart and Wells DunbarJuly 7, 2023 2:00 pm,

Congressman Colin Allred’s bid for U.S. Senate against Ted Cruz has gained significant traction in terms of fundraising.

“In just under his first two months of his campaign, he raised $6.2 million,” Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek said. Svitek also noted that Allred transferred an additional $2.4 million from his previous House campaign account, resulting in a total of approximately $8.6 million in his Senate campaign account.

The impressive fundraising numbers eclipse Cruz’s previous Democratic opponent.

“It took Beto O’Rourke three fundraising quarters to raise as much as Colin Allred raised in what I think was about 60 days,” Svitek explained.

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