Texas Standard for July 7, 2023: Here’s how state poet laureates, musicians and artists are chosen

Gary Gibbs, executive director for the Texas Commission on the Arts, shares more about the process for appointing state artists each legislative session.

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Victims’ families face El Paso mass shooter in court

The man who drove from a Dallas suburb to El Paso and opened fire at a Walmart in 2019 is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court in the coming days. Julián Aguilar has been watching for the Texas Newsroom, and he joins us today.

A Texas program pushes drivers to pay old tickets – and over 600,000 have lost their licenses

A Texas program designed to get people to pay their debt from old tickets has left more than 600,000 people without a valid license. Critics say the program traps poor people in a spiral of debt and red tape. KERA North Texas’ Christopher Connelly reports.

Texas Democrats push property tax cut that includes renters

Lawmakers are now in their second special session trying to agree on property tax cuts. So far, the Republican-led House and Senate haven’t been able to. Now a group of Texas House Democrats are pushing to cut property taxes while offering relief to renters. The Texas Newsroom’s Sergio Martínez-Beltrán reports.

Texas Republicans target ‘life-changing’ drag shows as Pride month comes to a close

Halfway through Pride Month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law aimed at drag performers. Houston Public Media’s Dominic Anthony Walsh reports the law could change the way LGBTQ+ people are able to express themselves and exist in public.

New study puts a price tag to oil and gas health impacts: $77 billion

A new study found air pollution from U.S. oil and gas production is responsible for $77 billion in health impacts nationwide every year, with Texas among the states with the highest proportion of associated health damages. Jonathan Buonocore, the study’s lead researcher and a Boston University School of Public Health professor, joins us with more.

Houston celebrates 50 years of hip-hop

The Houston Museum of African American Culture celebrates with an exhibit and three film screenings this month. Learn more from our host!

Texas has state poets, musicians and artists: Here’s how they are chosen

Texas regularly appoints state poet laureates, state musicians and state artists each legislative session. Gary Gibbs, executive director for the Texas Commission on the Arts, joins us to talk about the process.

Typewriter Rodeo

The gang delivers another custom poem. Reach out to Texas Standard with your topic suggestions!

The week in Texas politics

Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek stops by with a recap of the week that was in Texas politics.

All this, plus the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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