Could Nate Paul’s new legal woes spell trouble for Ken Paxton?

Plus more stories from the week in Texas politics with The Texas Tribune.

By Alexandra Hart & Wells DunbarNovember 10, 2023 11:00 am, ,

Real estate developer Nate Paul – the man at the center of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment – faces four new federal wire fraud charges.

The charges come in addition to the eight he was previously indicted on.

“None of these indictments mention Ken Paxton in any way,” says Matthew Watkins, managing editor for news and politics at the Texas Tribune. “But of course, it is interesting to see the FBI continue to poke around in that world.”

Paxton is under FBI investigation for many of the corruption allegations Texas lawmakers probed in their impeachment trial of the attorney general.

“There’s the question of whether [Paul] could be incentivized to flip with these charges and maybe point the finger at Ken Paxton,” Watkins says. “We will see. So far, there’s been no indication of that.”

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