Does It Pay To Be A Woman In Texas?

Recent reports say women are losing out.

By Emily DonahueAugust 24, 2015 10:38 pm

State officials like to brag about the strong economy here and the thousands of people who move here every month. But some of the large inequities in the Texas economy are consistently underplayed. Among them: women in Texas don’t make as much money as men who are doing the same job. One report estimates that women are paid just 79 cents for every dollar men make in Texas.

Wednesday is Women’s Equality Day – and WalletHub crunched recent World Economic Forum numbers to find out how women fare in each U.S. state.

WalletHub’s Jill Gonzales  co-wrote a report based on those numbers and stopped by the Standard to talk about how Texas compares to other states, and what we can learn from the findings.