Fort Hood Crime Rate Center of Several Probes

Homicides of five soldiers on Fort Hood this year brings greater scrutiny on base.

By Jill Ament & Terri LangfordAugust 24, 2020 3:57 pm,

Fort Hood, one of the Army’s largest military bases in the nation is under the microscope for its crime rate, which is higher than any other installation in nation.

Stars and Stripes reporter Rose Thayer told the Standard that the Army’s recent data shows that when compared to two other bases of similar size, Fort Hood  leads when it comes to crime and violent crime.

A harder look into the 36,000-soldier base in Killeen by the Army came after the military’s handling of the disappearance and murder of Army Specialist First Class Vanessa Guillen. The remains of Guillen, who investigators say was killed by another soldier who has since killed himself, were found this summer, two months after she disappeared from Fort Hood.

Including Guillen’s murder, there have been five homicides on Fort Hood Soldiers this year. Two other Fort Hood soldiers who were recently discharged have also been killed, Thayer said.

Now there at least four investigations into crime and leadership issues at Fort Hood. One probe, made up of former soldiers is expected to present its findings in Washington by October.

But many people, Thayer said, want Congress to step in and investigate.

“There are people who think that the Army is still investigating itself,” she said. “And they would like to see some sort of look at Fort Hood that doesn’t involve the army in any way.”

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