Free Barbecue, Lawyers and Fish: Which One’s the Lie?

Our weekly installment of Two Texas Truths and a Lie.

By Becky FogelMay 20, 2016 10:12 am

This week’s edition of Two Texas Truths and a Lie: three stories are given to two contestants to compete to see who can figure out the fake one. This week’s guests are Brodie Bashaw and Carlos Morales of KWBU in Waco.

A Fort Worth barbecue joint could be offering Texas Rangers’ second baseman Rougned Odor free food for life, after he punched Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger Jose Bautista in the face on Sunday. True or false?

Is a federal judge ordering Department of Justice lawyers back to school for their behavior during the rollout of President Barack Obama’s federal immigration programs?

Did a home aquarium – fish included – have a splashy ride on a bus trip from Galveston to Amarillo?