Houston Astros Are Headed To The World Series

The team defeated the New York Yankees – now they’re facing the Los Angeles Dodgers.


By Michael MarksOctober 23, 2017 7:26 am,

For the second time in team history, the Houston Astros punched their ticket to the World Series. It took all seven games against the New York Yankees for the Astros to win the right to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers for the major league baseball crown. The first game against the Dodgers airs October 24 at 8pm ET.

Bill Brown, who retired last season after 30 seasons calling the play-by-play for the Astros, says fans have been running out to buy more team merchandise.

“It has been a long-suffering franchise,” he says. “There have been a lot of near-misses as far as possibly making other World Series, but this time they found a way to get it done.”

In the 56th year of the team, this win comes at an important moment for Houston. That’s not only due to the city’s continuing recovery after Hurricane Harvey, but also because this is a chance for the Astros to win their first World Series ever.

“It’s lifted the spirits of the people in this city, so that is a very noble cause above and beyond the winning on the field,” Brown says.

Learn more about the Astros’ chances in the World Series in the player above.


Written by Nahila Bonfiglio.