Houston Flood Czar: Stopping Development In 100-Year Floodplain ‘Not Going To Happen’

The Houston City Council recently approved a new municipal utility district upstream of Addicks Dam, where 620 acres of vacant land will become homes and commercial development.

By Jen RiceJune 10, 2019 7:03 am, , , ,

From Houston Public Media:

After every big storm in Greater Houston, complaints about flooding seem to grow.

Last month, Kingwood resident Aaron Fuller posted a Facebook video where he gave viewers a tour of a new development near his house.

“The more they build back here in our backyard and tear down waterways, the more water we’re going to get, folks,” he said.

The developers of that project said there’s no connection between the construction and the nearby homes that flooded for the first time.

It’s just one example of new development that local authorities have allowed, despite a lot of discussion since Hurricane Harvey about how paving in Houston worsens flooding and despite recommendations from some experts.

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