‘Justice League Day’ Includes A Special Houston Edition of A Classic DC Comic

Writers and artists from the comics publisher will visit Houston this weekend with signed copies of “Justice League: Origin.”

By Rhonda FanningNovember 17, 2017 2:19 pm

For comic book fans and moviegoers alike, the moment is finally here. After more than a year of anticipation, the DC Comics film version of “Justice League” is in theaters across the nation. Following the destruction and tragedy brought by Hurricane Harvey, DC writers and artists have something special in store for comics fans in the city of Houston.

DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee will spend Saturday visiting comics stores in Houston with signed copies of a special Houston edition of the classic “Justice League: Origin.” Lee says the issue is a retelling of the origin of the Justice League, and is also the source material for the new film. In addition, the book includes a new cover by Brazilian artist Ivan Reis that reads “Houston Strong.”

Lee says that although DC  omics has published special editions of books following other tragedies, the upcoming Justice League day in Houston is a first for the comic book publisher.

“What we love about this is that it’s very limited,” Lee says. “It’s just for Houston. It’s our way of supporting the local comics community there.”

DiDio, a writer for DC Comics, says the connection between a comic book character and their hometown affects how readily audiences can relate to them. He credits much of the success of Superman, for example, to the character’s Midwestern origins.

“Superman is a character built out of the Midwest, and has the strong values and sensibilities of that area,” DiDio says. “We’re about to celebrate [the character’s] 80th anniversary next year, and the fact that he’s had that longevity shows us that he really appeals to everybody.”

DiDio says that as a writer, it would be hard to match a comeback story like the Houston Astros’ recent World Series win.

“To have it in this particular year and at this time, I think it’s a great testament,” DiDio says. “You have to believe what happened to the city helped motivate the players and kept everybody moving there and really wanting to put that in that extra effort.”


Written by Rachel Zein.