No One Knew I Gave Up a Baby in High School

The Whole Truth about one woman’s struggle with pregnancy and adoption.

By Joy DiazJanuary 23, 2015 2:40 pm

In 1977, a woman was faced with an unwanted high school pregnancy. Keeping the pregnancy an absolute secret was top priority for this young mother and her parents; not even the father of the child was made aware.

But ultimately – despite her mother’s pleas to keep the child – the young woman decided to give the baby up. It was a girl, and wasn’t given a name.

26 years later – after the woman married and birthed two other children – a letter arrived from the long lost child. After decades of secrecy, the mother revealed the child to her unknowing family members. And after the initial surprise, the family embraced the child – now a young woman in her own right – as one of their own. “She’s my daughter. She’s my eldest,” the mother says. And that’s The Whole Truth.

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