Rescued Gulf of Mexico coral in a Galveston aquarium could help the species’ survival

A new report found that coral off Texas’ coast could die off by 2040 because of climate change.

By Emily Foxhall, The Texas TribuneFebruary 19, 2024 9:31 am,

From The Texas Tribune:

Coral, taken from the Gulf of Mexico, rest in a tank at Moody Gardens Aquarium’s Coral Rescue Lab in Galveston.
Hope Mora for The Texas Tribune

Michelle Johnston, the Flower Garden sanctuary’s superintendent, at a beach in Galveston. Johnston specializes in coral reef ecology and invasive species management.

‘Putting bubble gum on a crack in a dam’

Moody Gardens General Curator Greg Whittaker stands beside tanks at Moody Gardens Coral Rescue Lab.
Hope Mora for The Texas Tribune

Months later, in April, the Florida coral left in shipping containers for Hobby Airport, bound for SeaWorld Orlando. They had grown from the size of softballs to the size of frisbees.

Learning to care for Flower Garden coral

Zurita observes coral’s response to feeding. Her forearm tattoos depict four life stages of jellyfish.
Hope Mora for The Texas Tribune