Texas Has the Highest Percentage of E-Fraudsters

A new report ranks Texas #1 in E-fraudsters. So should consumers and retailers be afraid?

By Brenda Salinas and Rhonda FanningFebruary 26, 2015 4:35 pm

How often do you actually see your money? I mean physically see it – dollar bills sitting nestled inside a billfold or purse? Probably not often – that’s because most of it is stashed away electronically.

That makes it a prime target for thieves and, according to a new study conducted by online security company Forter, Texas harbors the most E-fraudsters. So how did it come to this and better yet – what can retailers do to combat it? Forbes contributor Erika Morphy explains how Texas became a haven for online criminals.

“In this particular case we are talking about a greater number of fraudsters or E-fraudsters are living in Texas,” Morphy says. “However, I should say to relax there are not huge numbers of E-fraudsters living in Texas this list is very relative most frauds actually occurs outside of the U.S.”

According to the study, Morphy says, E-fraudsters are attracted to the state because of the ease of shipping goods across boarders to international markets for sale.

“At least in the last six months, I will say this, this study did look at data going past the last six months and crime does tend to shift depending on what law enforcement is up to,” Morphy says. “So it could be Texas is two or three next time the company decides to take a look at it. Sometimes an area will see a spike in fraud and it could be something as quirky as the weather.”

Erika Morphy is a contributor for Forbes who has been following the subject of online fraud in Texas.