This 10th-Grader Is Happy To Be In America, But Her Heart Is Still In Syria

Syrian refugee, Shahed Salhab, says she wants to be a counselor one day so she can help people by listening to them.

By Joy DiazDecember 27, 2019 1:32 pm, ,

Tenth-grader, and Syrian refugee, Shahed Salhab, recalls what her life was like just a few years ago. 

Where I’m From No. 2

The sound is still in my ear – the sound of the bomb 100 yards from my house.

I was going from the house to the cave, a place my family and I hid from the dangers.

The red bomb exploded in the buildings near the cave, and the ground shook with loud, deep vibrations.

It scared me and made me cry to hear people crying and yelling.

There were a lot of hard things, and I had to be strong.

My heart is still in Syria because I don’t want to lose family there.

All of this is still in my memory.

I am happy to be in America now, studying.

I hope to become a counselor to listen to people and help them.


Transcribed by Morgan Kuehler.