This 9-Year-Old Wrote A Book To Raise Awareness About Animal Poaching

Kate Gilman Williams’ “Let’s Go on Safari” explores what she learned about endangered animals on trips to Kenya and South Africa.

By Brooke ReavesMay 6, 2019 10:42 am,

In her new book, “Let’s Go on Safari”, 9-year-old Kate Gilman Williams documents the safari she took with her family in South Africa and Kenya. She wrote the book with game driver Michelle Campbell, and they document all the things Gilman Williams learned about animals on the trip.

“We emailed back and forth, with me talking about my safari and her emailing me back with conservation facts,” Gilman Williams says.

One thing she learned on safari was the prevalence of animal poaching by humans.  Gilman Williams says she wanted to do something to help stop that practice, and that’s when she got the idea to write a book.

Writing the book was a collaborative process, Gilman Williams says – and not just between her and Campbell. She also asked her friends what they wanted to see in the book.

“My school, Trinity Episcopal School, organized an all-kid editing panel. So, first-graders and fourth-graders all got a copy of my book, and they made edits,” Gilman Williams says. “I incorporated almost all of [the edits] into my book and it was a big help.”

Now, Gilman Williams considers herself an animal advocate, and she hopes her own work can inspire other kids to advocate for what they care about.  

“Advocacy has no age limit,” Gilman Williams says. “You can do anything no matter how old you are.”


Written by Brooke Reaves.