Voting In Dallas, Fort Worth And San Antonio Yields Runoffs And Reelections

Mayoral races in Dallas and San Antonio will be decided by runoffs. In Fort Worth, Betsy Price was returned to office.

By Rachel Osier Lindley & Rhonda FanningMay 6, 2019 9:30 am, , , ,

From KERA and TPR:

Voters went to the polls on Saturday in three of the state’s largest cities. For a recap of the results, we start in Dallas, which had a crowded field of nine candidates for mayor.

The race for Dallas mayor isn’t over yet. Democratic State Rep. Eric Johnson will face Dallas City Council member Scott Griggs in a June 8 runoff.

The two got the most votes out of a crowded field of nine candidates.

Up until Saturday night’s election results, there had been no clear front-runner, although Johnson was among the biggest fundraisers as he split his time legislating during the session in Austin and campaigning in Dallas.

With nine candidates in the mayor’s race, a runoff was almost guaranteed.

Johnson got about 20% of the vote, the most of any mayoral candidate.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price has won a fifth term in office and is on her way to becoming the longest-serving mayor in city history.

The former Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector faced her toughest re-election fight yet: a challenge from Deborah Peoples, who chairs the Tarrant County Democratic Party, and political newcomer James McBride.

In San Antonio, Saturday’s election results defied expectations in some races and met them in others. One thing was certain: Some fights are not over yet

District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse managed to keep Mayor Ron Nirenberg below 50% of the vote on Saturday to force a June 8 runoff.

Election night ended with Brockhouse and Nirenberg within three percentage points of one another. Seven other challengers received one percent or less of the vote. Nirenberg said he knew it would be close.

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