This Week’s News Forecast: Our House, In the Middle of Our Street

A look ahead at this week from newsrooms across Texas, including a house stuck in the middle of a street in south Austin.

By Laura RiceOctober 3, 2016 8:26 am, , ,

Talk from around the state this Monday about historic houses, the Attorney General’s visit, and how the presidential race is shaking out in Texas, with cameos from the Austin Monitor, KERA in Dallas and Texas Public Radio in San Antonio.

Michael Kanin, publisher of the Austin Monitor:

“Honestly, it’s the fact that there’s a house stuck in the middle of the street about a couple blocks off of South Congress. … We like to preserve our city’s history and part of doing that is moving houses … in this case as they were moving it down the street it got stuck. It sounded like somebody tried to chop off a couple of limbs from a heritage oak tree and that go authorities involved.”

Rick Holter, vice president of news at KERA in Dallas:

“Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, is in town for two days kicking off a national campaign for community policing and tomorrow is national night out. This obviously is big with the echoes still ringing three months after the July 7 police shootings in Dallas.”

Shelley Kofler, news director from Texas Public Radio in San Antonio,

“On the local front, the Trump-Clinton presidential race is something everybody talks about. It’s a national story but it’s also a local story. People here intend to vote in that race and they’re also interested and concerned by how that’s going to influence down-ballot races.”

Post by Betsy Joles.