Texas Standard for June 20, 2024: Director Jeff Nichols returns to the big screen with ‘The Bikeriders’

Austin-based Jeff Nichols’ time capsule of late 1960s Chicago and the rise of motorcycle clubs hits theaters Friday.

By Texas StandardJune 20, 2024 8:38 am,

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Thursday, June 20, 2024:

An update on Tropical Storm Alberto

The first named storm of the season generated lots of rainfall and some flooding in parts of the Gulf Coast. Nicholas Price, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi, joins us with the latest.

Across Houston, Indian Americans respond to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reelection

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in for a rare third term earlier this month. Across Texas, both Modi supporters and critics anxiously awaited the election results.

Houston Public Media’s Natalie Weber reports.

With skills they’ve honed in the military, troops and veterans hope to become entrepreneurs

A federal agency is trying to help military troops and veterans become entrepreneurs. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is holding events at bases around the country to help people with military experience develop new products and start businesses.

For the American Homefront Project, Andrew Dyer introduces us to a pair of veterans who hope to make money by solving a common annoyance of Navy life.

From disgusting recipes to grotesque images, AI slop is all across the internet

You’ve probably heard about AI hallucinations: incorrect answers to questions you pose to tools like ChatGPT or Google Gemini. But there’s a new AI buzzword in town, one that’s bringing more negative attention to a technology that big tech wants you to embrace in a big way.

It’s called AI “slop.” Texas Standard tech expert Omar Gallaga wrote about it recently for CNET and joins the show with more.

Why do so many Austin-area school districts have budget deficits?

The Austin ISD school board is just hours away from approving a budget for the next fiscal year. Like school districts throughout Central Texas, AISD is going to be millions of dollars in the hole, despite already identifying millions in spending cuts.

How did so many school districts end up in the same budget deficit boat? KUT’s Becky Fogel reports.

Director Jeff Nichols returns to the big screen with ‘The Bikeriders’

Austin-based writer-director Jeff Nichols is known for immersive storytelling in films like “Mud,” “Loving” and “Take Shelter.” His latest film is one he’s been aching to tell for a while: “The Bikeriders,” starring Austin Butler and Tom Hardy.

Nichols’ time capsule of late 1960s Chicago and the rise of motorcycle clubs hits theaters Friday. The director returns to the Standard today.

Who’s paying for anti-abortion lawyer Jonathan Mitchell’s legal fees?

Jonathan Mitchell has earned a reputation as a champion for the cause in pro-life circles. As a lawyer, he was the architect of Texas Senate Bill 8, which allows anyone to sue those who have “aided or abetted” an illegal abortion.

But although Mitchell recently prevailed in a defamation case filed against two of his clients by abortion rights groups, he cannot collect the legal fees his clients would normally be owed by the losing side – and the reason why poses even more questions. Mimi Swartz, who wrote about this topic for Texas Monthly, returns to the Standard with more.

All this, plus Alexandra Hart with the Texas Newsroom’s state roundup and Wells Dunbar with the Talk of Texas.

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