Tony Buzbee announces Houston City Council bid amid Ken Paxton impeachment trial

As the impeachment trial of Paxton looms, set to commence on September 5th, Buzbee’s dual commitments have raised questions.

By Alexandra Hart and Wells DunbarAugust 25, 2023 1:04 pm, ,

Tony Buzbee, a prominent Houstonian and notable figure in Texas legal circles, has drawn attention by announcing his candidacy for City Council in Houston.

Buzbee’s decision to enter the political arena is particularly noteworthy due to his ongoing role as the defense attorney for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, says Texas Tribune managing editor Matthew Watkins.

Buzbee’s City Council bid is focused on a conservative-leaning district in West Houston, where he aims to unseat the incumbent. Notably, Buzbee asserts that his legal defense work and political campaign will not conflict. Buzbee “says that he talked with Paxton and sees no concerns about being distracted,” Watkins says.

The announcement arrives with Paxton’s impeachment trial, set to begin Sept. 5, looming large on the Texan political landscape.

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