Typewriter Rodeo: Texas Nature

Each week, the Standard reaches out to Austin’s Typewriter Rodeo for a custom poem on Texas topics.

By Sarah BeachFebruary 12, 2024 11:30 am, ,

The calendar still says winter but recent rains have many thinking ahead to spring blooms. This Typewriter Rodeo poem celebrates the vast and varied landscape that makes Texas so unique.

Texas Nature

Imagine a landscape
as vast as the sky
as varied as its people
from the desert blooms
of the Rio Grande Valley
to the looming wonder
of East Texas pines
Imagine the Bluebonnets
dotting the hill country meadows
Imagine the sprawling limbs
of a century old Oak tree
Think of the horny toads
& slippery salamanders
the armadillos
& fuzzy canyon burros
I could go on for as long
as a Texas highway
stretching from the Panhandle
to the moment the Mississippi
meets the Gulf
& more Texas Nature
waits there
endless as the sea…

A photo of the typewritten poem on a torn half sheet of light yellow paper. The paper is resting on a bed of green grass.

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