Vaccinating Texas: A Breakthrough For Many In Phase 1B

As Texas opens up vaccine access for teachers and child care staff, most — but not all — of the previous Phase 1B vaccine seekers Texas Standard has followed have received at least one shot.

By Laura RiceMarch 5, 2021 1:57 pm,

Texas Standard is collecting stories from across the state about individual journeys to getting COVID-19 vaccinations. We want to hear the positive as well as the negative. If you’re currently eligible or are trying to secure a vaccine for an eligible loved one, share your story here.

Jamie Baird, 40, El Paso: Still Waiting

Baird has allergic asthma and is likely to face complications if she contracted COVID-19. She’s also trying to help her parents register for the vaccine.

“I still have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Both of my parents are over 60. My mother works for the VA and was vaccinated last month. My dad works for a local vocational school and hasn’t had access to the COVID-19 vaccine either. I’m registered with, through UMC, and through my PCP. I guess for our family here in El Paso, one out of three isn’t bad.”

Elida and Wilfredo Torres, 70s, Austin: First Dose

Lourdes Torres called in from New York – where she’s been on the phone and Internet a lot trying to get her Austin area parents scheduled for vaccines.

“They’re not that computer savvy so I have been trying to allocate them a vaccine appointment. I was able to get it for my mom but it’s so crazy, it kept on kicking me out, and it’s a mess.”

Since she left that message, she was also able to get her dad an appointment. But she’s frustrated and concerned about older adults who don’t have help navigating the complicated system.

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Luke Stonecipher, 29, Austin: First Dose

Austinite Diane Stonecipher’s 29-year-old son Luke has multiple preexisting conditions that make him very high risk for COVID-19. They lost power for days. But shortly after the heat and lights came back on, so did the good news of Luke’s first COVID-19 vaccine.

Max Weiss, 93, Austin: First Dose

The Korean War veteran got his first vaccine last Friday thanks to the help of a neighbor’s sister.

Edwina Baethge, 77, San Marcos: First Dose

Baethge also got her first dose last Friday. She said she waited outside on a chilly morning with about 50 people. She described the mood as “excited, anxious, expectant, relieved, curious.”

Tom Phillips, 67, Austin: First Dose

Phillips has been sharing his vaccine sign-up frustrations for several weeks. He finally felt like luck turned his way when he found vaccine availability at a nearby CVS.

Margaret, 76, Austin: First Dose

Margaret estimates she stood in line with more than 300 people to get her first dose on Tuesday. She was surprised not to see many older adults in line with her.

Albert Scherbarth, 66, Dallas County: Vaccinated

Scherbarth got his second dose on Tuesday and was again impressed with the smooth process.

“Hundreds of volunteers, no confusion, double checking-triple checking Bam Bam Bam never got out of my truck. I was out in and out in less than an hour.”

Linda Cuellar, 66, Pipe Creek: Vaccinated

Cuellar says she did get a bit of a fever after her second dose but was fine after some Ibuprofen.

Lori Jacques, 39, El Paso: Vaccinated

Jacques is a nurse and was concerned about the messaging around scheduling her second dose but she did end up getting it just a day later than expected, last Wednesday.

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Oscar and Sue, 80s, Dallas County: Vaccinated

Doug Ramey, 60, Fort Worth: Vaccinated

With the opening of Phase 1B for teachers and child care staff, the journey towards vaccination is just beginning for more Texans. Take us through your experience – positive or negative. You can record your story directly for the radio here.

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