Why electric vehicles face more recalls than gas-powered cars

Many EV offerings are new to the market and employ advanced tech not found in other cars.

By Shelly BrisbinMarch 21, 2024 11:27 am,

Tesla, Chevrolet and Kia all build cutting edge electric vehicles. And each, along with several other EV makers,  have issued one or more recalls in the past year. 

Tech expert Omar Gallaga says that because they’re newer in the marketplace, EVs’ proportion of vehicle recalls is higher than that of gas-powered cars. He wrote recently about the recalls for CNET.

Highlights from this segment:

– EV recalls range from safety related issues to flaws in entertainment systems. Some are applied as over-the-air software updates, while others require a visit to a dealership.

– The higher rate of EV recalls results in part from the use of new technology and early adopters’ tendency to purchase EVs before issues have been worked out by manufacturers.

– To learn about current EV recalls, you can enter your car’s VIN number into the National Highway Safety Administration’s site. You’ll also find recall information at Consumer Reports and Inside EVs

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