A Texas Standard special

Will oil and gas continue to reign supreme? Will tech in Texas keep booming? And how will agriculture fare in the face of climate change?⁠

In this hour-long special, Texas Standard reporters and producers bring you stories that look at the state of things in some of Texas’ most prominent industries and provide a glimpse at where those industries are headed.

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The evolving nature of work in Texas

By Kristen Cabrera

To get a better understanding of where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been. Swipe through the timeline below to see the many changes in the Lone Star State’s economy over the years.

Farm worker shortages are already pervasive. What does that mean for the future of agriculture in Texas?

By Sarah Asch & Michael Marks

Small farms are struggling to find the help they need – and the long, hot summers aren’t helping. But does that mean the future of farming … is indoors?

Energy transition brings challenges – and opportunities – for Texas’ workforce

By Alexandra Hart

As new sources of energy grow in the Lone Star State, how will Texas’ longtime workforce adapt?

A drive to boost the US semiconductor industry means jobs for Texas

By Shelly Brisbin

Federal and state officials say making computer chips in this country is vital to national security and the supply chain. And chipmakers are responding with billions in investment.

Six lessons for making the most of the future of education in Texas

By Laura Rice

What should instructors be teaching to prepare Texas’ future workforce for the jobs of tomorrow?

The shrinking counties of the Lone Star State

By Sean Saldana

Texas’ population boom has long made headlines, but that boom has largely been for a specific area of the state. What about those communities that are actually seeing a population decline?


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