Renowned Broadcaster Bob Schieffer Reflects on His 58 Years

The Fort Worth native reflects on his time on-air and in the newsroom.

By Rhonda FanningApril 10, 2015 3:26 pm

This week, Bob Schieffer announced he was retiring. That’s big news for network news, and for any Texan who keeps up with the Sunday talk shows. For 24 years, Schieffer has anchored CBS’ “Face the Nation”.

But his career spans much longer than that. He got to CBS in 1969 – Before that he was a reporter in Texas. He’s interviewed every president since Richard Nixon and moderated numerous debates. While he worked at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, he covered the assassination of President Kennedy – and was the first Texas newspaper journalist to report from Vietnam.

Bob Schieffer joins us by phone from his office in Washington.

“I have received a pay-check for doing journalism for 58 years for every week of my life since that summer of 1957. And that doesn’t mean much to other people – but it means a lot to me.”