Texas Mineral Water So ‘Crazy’ it Comes in Different Strengths

By David BrownAugust 18, 2014 4:50 pm

Anytime people talk about Texas and food, the usual suspects come up. (Brisket anyone?) Texas Standard is taking the road less traveled, in search of some uniquely Texas provisions worth discovering.

Bryan Black is our guide. Each month he shares something new from the pantries of the Texas Department of Agriculture with the Standard. This month: Crazy Water, bottled in the town of Mineral Wells, where the water is renowned for its rich, naturally-occurring mineral deposits.

Crazy comes in three strengths – ranging from a “crisp and light” blend to a “full-bodied” water its bottlers recommend only 1 to 2 glasses of daily.

Texas Standard host David Brown tested the waters with Black. Find out how they fared by listening to the audio above. And find more Texas-made food and drink at gotexan.org.