The Smartphone App Connecting Austin to Protests in Venezuela

By David Brown and Emily DonahueFebruary 27, 2014 7:00 pm

According to published reports, for the first time in four years Venezuela is set to send an ambassador to the US. This comes despite the fact that Venezuela’s president is accusing Washington of fomenting violent anti-government protests – protests that have left more than a dozen people dead.

Just last week, Venezuela expelled three US diplomats accused of conspiring with student protesters, a charge rejected by the Obama Administration. But that’s not to say there’s been no Texas role – albeit an unofficial one.

Listen to Texas Standard host David Brown speak with Bill Moore, the CEO of Austin-based Zello. It’s a smartphone app developed in Austin, Texas.  Moore said Zello is more popular in Ukraine and Venezuela than Twitter.

Why? “It’s better because it’s based on live voice, which communicates so much more information so much faster than writing and can be used while you’re doing something else.”

Click the audio to hear the entire interview, conducted via Zello.