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Share your stories about Texas boots.

Boots are made for walking. Boots are a cowpoke’s best friend. Boots are a fashion statement.

There are snakeskin boots, ostrich boots, vegan boots, boots with spurs, boots with floral designs, plain brown boots, red boots, black boots, Mexican pointy-toe boots, dress boots and so much more. But all boots have one thing in common: they all have stories behind them. Texas Standard wants to share the tales behind these iconic southern shoes.

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This Guy’s Boots Are The Same As Trisha Yearwood’s

He fell in love with a snazzy pair that happened to also be custom-made for the country singer.

Martin do Nascimento/KUT

The Narco’s Bootmaker

When John Burnett went to a Neuvo Laredo shop in search of the perfect pair of custom boots, he met someone he didn’t count on.

The Boots That Wouldn’t Break In

Singer-songwriter Bob Livingston was inspired by a musical hero, Jerry Jeff Walker, to buy a pair of special boots. But Livingston never quite got his money’s worth. But maybe, just maybe, someone else did.

Rachel Rascoe/Texas Standard

The Boot Whisperer 

A German transplant to Wimberley has a special knack for finding customers the perfect fit.

Photo by Lindsey Miller

Giving Animal Products The Boot: ‘Texas Is Going Vegan, Y’all’

A city woman with a country soul sells non-leather boots, belts and other accessories, custom designed with Texas flair.

Cory Denton/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Typewriter Rodeo: City Girls In Cowboy Boots

Texan ladies love a good pair of cowboy boots, even if they’ve never seen a horse. That was the inspiration for Typewriter Rodeo’s Jodi Egerton as she wrote this poem.

It may not look like I need to be wearing/These cowboy boots/for work/But that’s just because I haven’t yet/Gotten the chance/to ride

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Texans At The State Capitol Wear Their Pride On Their Feet

We met legislators, tour guides and firefighters. They all love their boots, and most have a story to tell.

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